ライブ 集会案内 教会 施設 コンタクト アクセス 献金 支部
In 1977, receiving the Word, "why are we sitting here? Gather together! Let us flee to the fortified cities and perich there!(Jeremiah 8:14)," Pastor Kiyoshi Sakakiyama and his wife Hitoko came to Hamamatsu city to start their ministry. The initial church was in Tomitsuka town, where there were 2 rooms for the sanctuary, and one room was for their living space.
In the first year, they concentrated in giving out tracts every day to Hamamatsu residence to show where their newly started church was. At the end of the first year, 12 people were saved and were baptized. The goal for the second year was set to hold Bible Studies in all 6 universities and colleges in Hamamatsu area. Eight months later, the vision came true. The sanctuary was renovated and enlarged, and Saturday night program, the "Coffee Time" service was started. Many young people were saved, and they dedicated their lives for Christ. The Bible School was founded to meet the need of young passionate future missionaries, pastors and full-time ministers.
In 1981, we moved to the new church building in Takaoka-Higashi. The billiard pool became a sanctuary, the coffee shop became meeting room and the second floor became the pastor's residence. Bible school graduats were sent to different prefectures in Japan, and the branch churches grew in numbers.
In 1987, We moved to the new church building in Hanakawa-town, and registered as Non-profit Organization. We first bought 2,289 sq. yds. and the space was expanded to 8,709 sq. yds. for church building and parking spaces. Now, we have 15,835 land including leased land.
The international mission started in1996 at Belem, Brazil. Many emigrant came to Hamamatsu city, and they found Jesus as their savior in Japan. They started having visions of being missionaries back to their hometown, and they entered the Bible School to learn and to be trained to start the church. In 2000, the church started in Pittsburgh, USA, and there are two churches in the Philippines.
In 1999, the first church retreat accommodation was given to HCC. The Hamanako Chapel was the hotel for 200 capacity located at lakeside. Consecutively, Takizawa Chapel of 60 capacity Europian style boarding house became HCC property. Takizawa Chapel is located by the river in the mountains. In the same year, two Canadian Loghouse and 50 acres camp site on the mountain became ours.
Live Church Sunza Villa, started in November 2011. The expansive new church possesses the resort hotel, the marina and the chapel. The worship room was renovated to have an open area with 1000 seatings.
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