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Okuhamanako Chapel
The Okuhamanako Chapel is located on the mountain, Jogamine(433m), and is the north of Okuhamanako Hiking corse. It is cool in summer and you can enjoy the whole view of Hamanako, and Hamamatsu city from the viewing platform. There are soccer ground and stands, the baseball ground, and volley ball and basket ball courts. Good for the church retreat, camping and seminars.

Address : 1717-136 Tonmaku-minami-yama, Okuyama-Aza, Inasa, Kitaku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka 4312224
Lodging : 50 beds
Capacity : Open Air Stage(500), Soccer ground stands(2000)
Contact : (Phone) 053-436-1444
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